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Greetings to Our Valued Customers

Greetings to Our Valued Customers

My name is Alex Thongchai Chaichana. I have been operating this restaurant under the name “King of Thai Noodle” since 1994. Over the years, our restaurant has been well-received and popular among people who live in San Francisco. We also have other locations in many parts of the city in the style called “Street Food from Thailand” which is a type of fast food that is very tasty, served in a fast manner and at a low price.


And now, I would like to announce that the restaurant has a new website which is dedicated to the original two locations on Clement Street in San Francisco under the new name “King’s Thai Cuisine.” This website will make it convenient for our customers to see information about the restaurant such as the menu, the price, the address and other details.

Again, I would like to express my gratitude for your long-term support of our restaurant. I hope to continue receiving this support from you. Thank you very much.


Alex Thongchai Chaichana


Explore our unique menu and get a taste of Thai dishes you will love.

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